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There are six active USMS registered clubs in our region: 

-St. Louis Area Masters (SLAM) contact Lori Payne
(SLAM currently has 3 registered workout groups: Saluki Masters SMSC, YMCA of Edwardsville YOE and University City Swim Club UCSC)

-CSP Tideriders Master Swim Club (CSPM) contact Coach Hap Gentry

-Team Godzilla (ZILA) contact Ed Matecki

-Riverbend Master Swim - The Mighty Narwhals (NARW) contact Kristen Orban

-Storm Masters (YSTM) contact Claire Beckmeyer

-Fort Leonard Wood Frog Swim Team (FLWF) contact Amber Earl


Want to start a new club? If you want to start a new Club, click HERE.  The USMS registration fee for Clubs is $45 per year. Online registration of Clubs is preferred, but a paper registration is available Here.

Clubs must renew their registration online each year before individual members of the Club can renew their membership.  Online registration for Clubs is available each year as of October 1st.  The Club contact person listed with USMS receives an email with link for renewal online, or go to HERE to the Club renewal section.  Contact Registrar Diann Bauer for directions on how to renew your Club’s registration online if you did not get an email from USMS about your Club renewal or your Club contact person has changed.


USMS offers an option of forming workout groups within a Club. There is a fee for registered workout groups of $45 which is the same fee as for a Club. However, you do not have to register as a workout group just because you practice in different locations. If you have a workout group that would like to be part of an existing Club such as St Louis Area Masters, contact the Club (listed above) that your group wishes to join.  Then the workout group can register as a workout group within that Club at this LINK, but be sure that you indicate that you are forming a workout group, rather than a new CLUB.    Members of different workout groups within a Club can swim on that Club's relays, but members of different Clubs or unattached members cannot swim on relays.  It's best to register your workout group online, but you can use a paper registration available Here.

If you have any comments or questions about this web page, please contact: John Pohlmann

Last updated: . November 1, 2018