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IT'S TIME TO RENEW YOUR USMS MEMBERSHIP FOR 2014 beginning November 1, 2013.  Your membership for 2013 expires December 31, 2013 no matter when you initially registered.  Your 2014 Membership expires December 31, 2014.  IT'S EASY TO JOIN or RENEW your USMS membership ONLINE and you can print out a copy of your membership card immediately and later whenever you need one.  You can even save a copy of your card on your computer for later use.  Save your local Ozark LMSC money by printing your own card and DO NOT check the box that says "Also send me a card in the mail".

Registration fees for 2014 include $35 for USMS and $10 to our Ozark LMSC. Some Clubs charge an additional fee (e.g., SLAM charges $5).

If you are eligible for discount, (senior 75 or older or full-time student 25 or younger), do not register online.  Instead use the paper registration form (see  Paper Registration section below). The discounted fee is $35 (you pay only the USMS fee). 

The best way to register or renew your USMS membership is to register online with secure credit card payment. Be sure to indicate the correct Club you wish to represent or Unattached.  Remember that you cannot swim relays in competition if you register Unattached.  You can change Clubs when you renew your membership without a waiting period and without a change of registration fee.   Click HERE to register online.

Paper Registration

Everyone should register or renew online unless you qualify for a discount membership (75 and older or full-time student age 25 or less).  Discount membership requires a paper registration which you can obtain from your Club or click HERE for the paper registration form.  Do not mail a paper registration form if you have registered online.  You cannot get a discount refund if you register online.

If you do not want to register online, you may register with a Club or Unattached using a paper registration form – see the  Clubs pages for directions on registration with a Club. Some Clubs have an additional membership fee (SLAM and LOVE charge $5). Click HERE for the paper registration form.  You will need to add the appropriate Club fee, if any.

Coaches: USMS provides insurance coverage for prospective members during a 30-day trial period.  You must have the prospective member or guest sign both sides of the Guest Insurance Waiver (30-day trial period form) on the first day they are present and send the form directly to the USMS office (not to our local registrar) in order for your practice and all members present to be covered by USMS insurance during the practices when a guest/prospective member is present.  Click HERE for the 30-day trial period registration form. After the one month trial period, these new members should register themselves online.  Do not use regular paper registration forms for the 30-day trial period.


Want to start a new club? Click here for the Club registration form.

Clubs must renew their registration online each year before individual members can renew their membership.  Online registration for Clubs is now available as of October 1st or you can click here for a paper Club registration form.  Contact Registrar Diann Bauer for directions on how to renew your Club’s registration online if you did not get an email from USMS about your Club renewal.

If you have a workout group that would like to be part of an existing Club, go to the Clubs page and contact the club your group wishes to join.

If you have any comments or questions about this web page, please contact: John Pohlmann

Last updated: . July 25, 2014